Our Dear Friend Mike Lambrix left us on October 5, 2017
He went from the Darkness to the Light..

Friday, May 26, 2017

Life On Death Row: WUFT Interview with Michael Lambrix (with audio)

Michael Lambrix Has Thrice Avoided Execution
By Rebekkah Mar


May 26, 2017   

Michael Lambrix, a 57-year-old death row inmate, walked into the small room with a smile as he greeted the lieutenant standing by the door.
He’s in an orange jumpsuit, bulky handcuffs and prison guard by his side. The location: the Florida State Prison in Raiford.
Lambrix joked with the lieutenant saying this wasn’t his first interview. Later, he says, “This is your show, I’m just along for the ride.” 

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Joana said...

Please...Send Mike all my thoughts...and show him what I have wiritten....So that he may be find relief.