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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Michael Lambrix Wants to Be the Next Supreme Court Justice

Dear faithful readers,

I have decided to ask that I be considered for the next appointment to the Florida Supreme Court. Below is a copy of the letter I have sent to attorney Robert Hackleman, the “JNC Chair” (Judicial Nominating Committee) responsible for processing applications of those who want to be appointed as a Justice of the Florida Supreme Court. I hope that my friends will support my campaign…personally, I think I’d make a great Supreme Court Justice. Have fun reading the following…

Robert S. Hackleman, JNC Chair
Gunstey,Youkley and Stewart,PA
450 East Los Olas Blvd (Ste # 1400)
Ft Lauderdale, Florida 33301

Michael Lambrix 482053
Union Correctional Institution
7819 NW 228th street
Raiford, Florida 32026-4440

January 16, 2009

Dear Mr Hackleman,

In the January 15, 2009 “Florida Bar News” they included an announcement that applications for nominations to be appointed as a Justice on the Florida Supreme Court, to replace soon to retire Justice Wells, are now being accepted and that applicants should send such applications to your office for consideration.

In all fairness I would ask that you do not so quickly discount my own desire to be a Justice on the Florida Supreme Court. As a legal citizen and longtime (albeit not voluntary) resident of the State of Florida I believe I am legally entitled to due consideration, and even subsequent appointment to the Florida Supreme Court.

Of course, I do understand that since I am currently a death-sentenced prisoner (and have been on Florida’s “death row” now for 25 years – please see, http://doinglifeondeathrow.blogspot.com ) there will be a predictable measure of political and public opposition to my appointment to the Court, but then we all know that it is the Governor’s perogative to appoint anyone and if the narrow-minded public doesn’t like it, they can always vote me off the Court in 6 years when I come up for “retention vote”. And until that time, I would be in service of the Governor.

The truth is that I believe (and many others would agree!) that I am far more qualified than some of these brain-dead political puppets currently being appointed to the Courts. I mean, lets be honest – our contemporary judiciary is no longer about serving the oh-so-patheticaly-na├»ve public, or arguably “novel” concepts of truth and justice. Rather, these appointments are about perpetuating the corruption of politics and political activitiesin our judiciary as our elected leaders pick appointments based upon political ideology – and the amount of monetary contributions – then actual qualifications.

So, why not pick a convicted felon so that at least the public will know what they are getting rather than a wolf in sheep’s clothing? To the extent that my criminal convictions might be an inconvenience, I would note that I have had a petition for executive clemency based upon my actual innocence pending before the Governor (please see, www.southerninjustice.com ) since Gov. Lawton Chiles was in office in 1998 and so Gov. Crist can miraculously claim to have suddenly developed a “moral” concience and grant a pardon for my wrongful convictions, which would then make me immediately eligible.

I believe our judiciary needs fresh blood and a conflicting perspective and that my appointment would serve the interest of all Floridians. When it comes down to it, don’t you think our constitutional “democracy” should be reflective of all the citizens that it claims to serve? At present, the United States has the highest incarceration rate in the entire world, with at least one out of every 100 citizens now imprisoned, and many millions more under some form of non-custodial governmental restraint such as probation or parole, and tens of millions more forever politically disenfranchised as “convicted felons” even though they have long ago paid their “debt’ to society.

Arguably, our judiciary could be served by incorporating a voice that can empathize with, and even “represent” this significant percentage of disenfranchised Americans. As for my qualifications, although I have only a 9th grade formal education, in addition to being honorably discharged from the army due to duty-related disability, I have proven self-initiative been earning a GED (high school equivalence degree) and a degree in Christian Theology since coming to prison. I have also extensively studied other subject matters that contribute to the person I am today.

More importantly, I have spent over 20 years as a practicing “jailhouse lawyer’ and arguably have significantly more actual courtroom experience than most of those who might otherwise seek appointment. I have personally litigated cases at virtually every level of both the State and Federal Court systems, including numerous criminal and civil actions argued before both the Florida Supreme Court and the US Supreme Court.

But I believe that my most compelling qualification is that I am relatively certain that I am the only applicant that has been totally screwed by the so-called “justice” system. At present there has not been even one member of the judiciary that can relate to the incomprehensible trauma of being wrongfully convicted and condemned to death, and even facing actual imminent execution for a crime they were innocent of. As the facts of my case reflects (please see, www.southerninjustice.com ) and a substantial wealth of “newly discovered” evidence substantiates, I was wrongfully convicted and condemned to death in a wholly circumstantial (no eyewitnesses, no physical or forensic evidence, no confessions, etc ) case that was deliberately fabricated with the intent to wrongfully convict and condemn me.

Collectively, my unique experiences and qualifications would bring a much needed balance to the court and compel other members of the court to remember the inherent need of the fundamental fairness and service to truth and justice – not politics and ideological activism.

And ultimately, if I don’t “play ball” with the powers that be, then arguably Governor Crist could rescind my “pardon” and send me straight back to death row, where his political puppets that remain on the court can quickly rubber-stamp any further appeals “denied” and put me to death.

So, based upon the above I would respectfully ask that you give fair consideration to my application for nomination to be the next appointed Justice on the Florida Supreme Court, and submit my name to Governor Crist as a nominee for appointment

Thank you for your time.

Most sincerely,

C. Michael Lambrix

note: Mike's application to the FSC was noticed by several news sites:

Daily Business Review

Miami New Times

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Anonymous said...

I'd vote for him! He seems more honest than the usually sleezy politicians and lawyers. The guy is innocent anyway.

Anonymous said...

i dont know what to say.. except this guy can spin an amazing story. He writes like nothing i have ever read before. and i have a masters degree. wow