Our Dear Friend Mike Lambrix left us on October 5, 2017
He went from the Darkness to the Light..

Friday, March 25, 2016

Death row inmate Michael Lambrix awaits fate from court: 'It's my last hope' - Tampa Bay Times

Michael Lambrix has spent a lifetime on death row, successfully dodging his execution over a period of three decades and six governors, with the help of timely intervention by the courts.
In his latest case of good timing, he might even outlast the system that produced his death sentence.
Lambrix, 56, a Plant City High dropout and U.S. Army veteran convicted of two killings, is at the center of an epic legal challenge to Florida's death penalty sentencing system.
He's the first inmate to have his execution halted after the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Hurst vs. Florida which struck down the state's death penalty sentencing system as a violation of the right to trial by jury, which forced the Legislature to rewrite the law.

Read the article in the Tampa Bay Times HERE

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