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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Florida Convict Isn't Joking This Time

By Natalie O'Neill in Miami New Times
Wednesday, Mar. 4 2009 @ 8:55AM

When death row inmate Michael Lambrix applied to be a Florida Supreme Court Justice in January, the nominating committee had a good laugh. "It's tongue-in-cheek," said Chair Robert Hackleman - and it probably was. (Lambrix wrote: "My biggest qualification...is that I'm the only applicant that has been totally screwed by the justice system.")

But it seems the chuckles ensuing from lawyers and judges have now faded into an uncomfortable silence. This past February 9, the litigious convict scrawled a 26-page motion "to Disqualify the Entire Florida Supreme Court." He demanded it be filed appropriately and addressed in a timely manner. His claim: Chief Justice Peggy Quince helped prosecute his murder case in the 1980s. It has since come to light -- he says -- that the team of lawyers acted unethically. He writes: "Numerous documents [that show] the state knowingly withheld evidence"

Researcher Mike Hickey - who has followed the case out of sheer curiosity --is taking Lambrix seriously. "The fact that he has turned down offers for a reduced sentence twice shows he is serious about his innocence claims."

The clerk's office of the Supreme Court has since processed the inmate's complaint. Problem is, they're not quite sure what to call it. For now it's filed under "other."

Torres says:
Read his website 'southerninjustice.net for his full case history and recent motions.

Apart from Peggy Quince, Lambrix also criticizes these people:
Miles Daniels investigator who had sex with state witness Smith during trial.
Randall McGruther- prosecutor who manufactured evidence against Lambrix.
Carol Dittmar Senior Assistant State Attorney who filed actions saturated with deliberate deceptions and factual misrepresentations intended to deceive the Supreme Court.
Posted On: Thursday, Mar. 5 2009 @ 7:24PM Jan Arriens says:
Lambrix's stand needs to be taken very seriously indeed. I have been corresponding with him for 18 years and have met him three times. His story has never wavered. I know him as a man of exceptional courage, intelligence and, yes, integrity. His account of what happened makes a whole lot more sense than of the State. Killing two people without a gun - strangling and then striking a blow - is not easy. Does the second victim wait around calmly until it's their turn?

Posted On: Friday, Mar. 6 2009 @ 2:34PM

karen says:
This case has all the features of a classical wrongful conviction.

1. Ineffective trial counsel who had never represented a capital case before (Jacobs).
2 Hanging judge with bias against capital defendants. (Stanley)
3. Small town jury with links to victims and law enforcement officers.
4. Married investigator Daniels having sexual relationship with both state witness Smith and Co-investigator Mitar.
5. Manufactured evidence.
6. Lost fingernail clippings of victim which would provide DNA evidence.
7. State witness Smith illegally offered immunity for testimony.
8. State witness Hanzel coerced to testify- recanted in 1998.
9. Defendant Lambrix denied right to testify.
10. Judge refused to allow cross examination of chief state witness so as not to 'confuse' jury over her many fabrications.
11. Totally ineffective 'direct appeal' counsel which made it impossible for Lambrix to get relief in subsequent appeals.

The list goes on and can be read on southerninjustice.net which has full trial and appeal transcripts online.

Shame, Florida, shame.

Posted On: Saturday, Mar. 7 2009 @ 4:20AM

Torres says:

Well may the chuckles of lawyers and judges be fading as Lambrix methodically exposes the malfeasance and misconduct of some of the highest legal professionals in Florida.

Be alert-
Randall McGruther Chief Assistant State Attorney- investigated for unethical misconduct and chief prosecutor of Lambrix.

Be alert
Carol Dittmar- Senior Assistant state Attorney whom Lambrix accuses of 3 incidents of unethical conduct. See http://www.southerninjustice.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/bar.pdf for full complaint.

Be alert
Peggy Quince- Chief justice for unethical misconduct in his case.

This 'litigious convict' is only seeking justice after a 25 year miscarriage of justice which sent him to death row.

Posted On: Saturday, Mar. 7 2009 @ 5:01AM

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